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During the residency Plender made a new comic book based on material gathered during her stay and influenced by Argentina’s rich tradition of comic book art and its cinema. It was a departure from her previous comic book work, in terms of subject matter, the techniques used, and the method with which it was printed.

As a result of the residency Plender was invited to participate in a number of projects: a project with Argentine art magazine Canecalón, a screening of a video work on a Buenos Aires based experimental TV channel and an invitation to do an exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden. She also made plans to collaborate with Argentine artist Adriana Bustos.

Plender writes of her Fellowship:
For me the Fellowship represented an opportunity to take a breather from a busy schedule of exhibitions, go somewhere completely different, do some serious research and rethink my practice as an artist. I wanted to engage with local artists as much as possible and find out about the culture, history (in particular the art history and Argentine conceptual art of the 1960s and early 70s) and see how the art scene there operated in order to make a comparison with the British art scene. I had never been to South America before, so I was also interested in finding out more about the region as a whole. Therefore the emphasis of the residency, for me, was not on making finished works or exhibitions but rather on finding new material and potentially beginning to think about a new project that I might make at a future date in response to that experience and research.

About El Basilisco
El Basilisco is a visual artists’ residency programme based in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is coordinated by a group of artists looking to broaden possibilities for national, regional and international cultural exchange. El Basilisco brings artists from Argentina and from abroad together to participate in an intensive period of production. This includes a series of events to facilitate interaction with artist peers from the local scene, students and general public.


El Basilisco