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Phil Coy worked on two projects whilst in Trinidad. Trinidad Triptych, 2004 was a project using satellite photos of the Savannah, in the centre of Port of Spain, whereby Coy isolated a single pixel. He marked its corresponding location with corrugated iron sheeting, a ubiquitous and cheap building material in Trinidad, by creating a life-size 30 sqm ‘pixel’ on the actual site. This interrogation of digital and analogue representations of the earth’s surface formed the basis for a number of other recent works including Black Spot (2005), realised for the exhibition, Real Estate at the ICA; and Provincial Landscape (2007), made for an exhibition at the Ars Nova Museum, Turku, Finland.

In his other project, Omega, 2004, a single screen video projection captured Soprano singer Germain Lewis of the Lydians Choir holding a single note at a redundant Omega tracking station in Chaguaramus. The tracking station is one of eight that were built and together formed the worlds first Global Navigation System. Decommissioned in 1977 the Omega system used longwave radio transmitters instead of satellites, which are the foundation of current GPS.

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Phil Coy