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Avant-gardening at London Festival of Architecture in Canary Wharf


Public works, Route Book, commissioned by muf architecture
& art

Polly Brannan’s practice explores different ways of communication through a variety of media, using community networks and through working collaboratively with different people. She is particularly interested in how public spaces function as sites where skills and local knowledge are shared and exchanged.

As a member of the collective Avantgardening, Brannan has developed several art and gardening workshops aimed at engaging the public in environmental issues. Through her involvement with the art and architecture group Public Works she has contributed to projects that investigate how design and programmatic strategies can support and facilitate the development of physical, economical and social infrastructures in the public realm.

During her residency in Abroethiopia, in Addis Ababa, Brannan plans to take advantage of her position as an outsider to explore local forms of communication and strategies that emerge when language is a barrier. By developing and encouraging participation in public games, Brannan will add to her ongoing project ‘mobile museum’, which contains games, stories, and documentation of the various uses of public spaces she encounters in her work and travels.

Abroethiopia is an arts organisation located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It organises workshops and residencies to facilitate exchanges between local and international artists. Through public art projects, open days and artists' talks, Abroethiopia aims to encourage a dialogue between artists and the local community.