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Robert Knowles' practice utilises language in its various forms and through a variety of media and research methods, explores ideas which mimic, adapt and manipulate some of the obscurities and irregularities of the world around him.

Since early 2004 he has formed one third of Knowles Eddy Knowles (KEK), a collaboration with Michael Eddy and Jon Knowles. For Robert Knowles, his participation in KEK is sustained by an enjoyment in the processes of shared idea-generating and production which draws on their common interests in performative, improvisational and interrogative working methods. The group work in a conversation, sometimes fluid, sometimes fragmented, but coerced between the members usually disparate locations by day-to-day technologies of the mobile phone, the blackberry or the laptop.

Exploring co-habitation and collaboration in a skewed take on the buddy film genre, Wir Meinen die selbstrasierer sind die helden alle zeiten und lander, was a performative action that took place in Germany 2006. KEK lived, spied and worked around the fringes of the mountain home of Dieter Rams, a celebrated industrial designer of the Braun company. Objects, actions, plans and dwellings were produced during the ‘stakeout’ and documented. The project also resulted in a video, large-scale photographs and an interview with Rams which drew upon the differences between necessity and luxury, and usefullness and excess.

For his residency at Britto, Robert will pursue his individual practice, investigating how art production is shaped by local contexts with a particular focus on the traditions and actualities of labour, as well as forms of collaboration and negotiations caused by economic necessity.


Robert Knowles is the London based member of Knowles Eddy Knowles, formed in 2004 with Jon Knowles (lives and works in Montreal) and Michael Eddy (lives and works in Beijing) engaging in research, commissions, residencies and exhibitions at the Banff Centre in Canada (2004), Apexart, New York City (2006), a McKinsey commission in Frankfurt (2006), Knock on Woods, TENT gallery, Rotterdam (2007), I Will Not Throw Rocks FormContent, London (2007), The Fondazione Ratti Advance Course in Como (2008) and Making it Work, forthcoming at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery in Montreal. He has also exhibited individually in the UK and in Canada. Robert Knowles graduated from the Wimbeldon School of Art.

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Britto Arts Trust is an artists-led, not-for-profit trust based in Bangladesh. Britto is committed towards promoting exchange and dialogue between artistic communities internationally and regionally through arts workshops, events and residencies.


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