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Rosana Antoli​, Ice Cream Performance, 2014.

Rosana Antoli​, No ha Lugar, 2014.

Rosana Antoli​, In Search of Miraculous Tribute, 2013.

Rosana Antoli, My Animal Print, 2012. Video Performance, Video loop 5'19'', Felt 160 x 160 cm. Audio Stereo. Madrid.

Rosana Antoli​, The Growing Stone, 2013.

Interested in resistance gestures, Rosana Antoli worked off-site in the 'el barrio obrero' (working class neighborhoods),using devices such as game-making and choreography to explore concrete social conditions. After reading some Andres Caicedo's writing and interactions with local people, Antoli began to explore the social importance of salsa, not just as a popular form of dance, but considered by the poorest neighbourhoods to be critical for every-day emotional survival and as an evasion tool.

Through her conversations in 'el barrio obrero', she discovered a strong tradition of mythology and folklore. At the same time, Antoli learnt of popular game in 60s in Colombia, called Pelota de Letras (Letters Ball), the game consists of a plastic ball inscribed with letters and numbers and the players must avoid touching the ball, or the letters will imprint the skin. She appropriated this game, constructing her own Pelota de Letras but made of caucho (rubber), and its surface was inscribed with both good and bad premonitions, bringing together two distinct forms of popular culture. 

You can read about Rosana's experiences in Columbia here 

About Rosana Antoli
Rosana Antoli's practice focuses on the intersection of art, politics and everyday life. Regardless of the medium in which she expresses herself, she always tell a story. Antoli explores the relationship between art and social reality, between choreography and politics and how to reveal the hidden choreographic commands structuring the everyday in order to resist the imposition of behaviours, acts and motions. The utopian character is central to her practice, and consequently the failure and absurdity of the actions involved.

About Lugar a Dudas
Established in 2005, Lugar a Dudas is an independent, not for profit space in Cali, Colombia. The organisation aims to promote and disseminate contemporary artistic practice and functions as a laboratory for research, discussion, reflection and critical analysis through a programme of exhibitions, workshops and events.


Rosana Antoli writes about her experiences: