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Ruth Ewan explores models of propaganda, opposition and protest often adopting the language and methods of persuasion in her own practice. Recent projects include training parrots to chant anti-globalisation slogans, a colouring book with pictures based on anti-war protests and a jukebox containing left-wing protest songs.

By working with popular forms of expression such as memorable songs or protest imagery, she restages the circulation of ideologies drawing attention to the ways that we are persuaded by propoaganda. Ewan often works with groups or individuals to realise projects, for Did you kiss the foot that kicked you? (2007), she coordinated over one hundred buskers performing ‘Ballad of Accounting’ written in 1964 by the MI5 monitored, communist folk singer Ewan MacColl. For a week during rush hour, commuters both over and underground encountered the subversive lyrics of MacColl’s rally against submission, performed by acts as varied as a brass band to a ukelele player.


Ruth Ewan lives and works in London. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Fine Art and is a Cocheme Fellow of Byam Shaw. Selected exhibitions include Altermodern: Tate Triennial 2009, Tate Britain (2009), Nought to Sixty, ICA (2008) Germinal, Ancient & Modern (2007) Did you kiss the foot that kicked you?, Artangel (2007) and Psittaciformes: Trying to Change the World, The Embassy Gallery and Studio Voltaire (2005-6).

About Kiosko 
Kiosko is an artist run organisation in Bolivia, set up in order to produce a programme of non-profit activities ranging from exhibitions and conferences, to educational outreach projects involving local communities. Kiosko works with local and international artists, offering them the space and the practical, as well as curatorial support to develop new ideas and work to be shown to the wider public. Kiosko is born out of the desire to create a permanent space for exchange of ideas and to stimulate a dialogue between the art world and it's social context.