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Ruth Proctor, Point 2, Stolen Thunder (2009), Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin

Ruth Proctor, Composition (still) (2009)

Ruth Proctor, Composition (still) (2009)

Ruth Proctor uses drawing, installation, film, video and performance to create compositions influenced by modernist and constructivist aesthetics. Her interest in modern choreography and choreographed sports is reflected in her own performances in which the costumes and props play with geometrical forms and coordinated simple movements.

During her residency at Lugar a Dudas, Proctor will research local forms of dance and the history of architecture in Colombia to expand the scope of her formal research to different contexts and exchange critical dialogues with artists living and working under different circumstances.

Ruth Proctor is an English artist born in 1980. Recent solo exhibitions are StolenThunder, Norma Mangione Gallery,Turin(2009); The stranger and the Savant, Hollybush Gardens, London (2008); and Bowl me Over, Center, Berlin (2006). She has also taken part in Automatic, Auto Italia, London and  Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin (2009); 100 years 100 artists 100 works, London? Underground Centenary Exhibition, London (2008); and Showtime Gasworks, London (2008).

About Lugar a Dudas

Lugar a Dudas was established in 2004 in Cali, Colombia and is a space dedicated to encouraging critical dialogue on contemporary art and its relationship with the context that informs it. As well as exhibiting work and promoting artists, Lugar a Dudas has a strong interest in research and discussions, where shows, talks and screenings become a vehicle for artists and public to discuss the role of art in contemporary Colombia. Lugar A Dudas includes an exhibition/meeting space, a library and one apartment for visiting artists.