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Savage, You give love a bad name (2009), pulp fiction romance novels shot with a Glock 9mm pistol. It took 15 books to stop the bullet. Aluminium, steel, books & bullet

Savage, More bargains to be had upstairs (2009), vinyl lettering on board (Installation view)

Savage, Jumper return (2003), jumper cleaned and returned to where it was found. C-type Lambda print.

Savage is an artist living in Bristol. He uses digital images, video and text to present his critical investigations into the ideologies of progress and evolution under which he believes capitalism operates. He is interested in exploring whether consumerism is embedded in these notions, seemingly driving individuals to endlessly produce and consume as a form of achievement. By purposefully wasting time and spending energy in apparently unproductive actions, Savage aims to challenge the futile excesses present in the contemporary world.

During his time in Amman, Savage will respond to the city, paying special attention to the tourism industry as a controlled form of experiencing a place.

His work has been recently exhibited in What do you want from me?, Arnolfini, Bristol (2009); Coalesce, SMART, Amsterdam (2009); Hotel Marienbad 003, Kunst Werke, Berlin (2008); Localisms, Museum de Paviljoens, Netherlands (2008) and This is yours now, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2005 - 06).

About Makan House

Makan is an artists-led cultural space in Amman, Jordan founded in 2003. Makan provides a dynamic space for exchange between emerging and mid-career artists. It gives them opportunities to network and exchange ideas hoping that would be translated into art projects and performances both within and around the organisation.