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Teresa Eng, Work in progress, 2015.

Teresa Eng, Work in progress, 2015.

Teresa Eng, Speaking of Scars, 2015.

Teresa Eng, Work in progress, 2012.

Teresa Eng, Fixed, 2014.

Teresa Eng’s photographic practice stems from her observations of the traces and imperfections of everyday life. These observations acts as a response to contemporary society and inner psychological states. Eng is interested in how disparate images relate to each other. Through a process of editing and sequencing, she creates constructed narratives that enable her make sense of the world and photography itself.


Organhaus Art Space is an independent art organisation set up by artists and curators. Located in the 501 Art Warehouse in Chongqing, Organhaus boasts 200m² of studio and exhibition space alongside an accommodation for its residency artists. Organhaus is primarily dedicated to the support and exploration of experimental and multi-media art within the rapidly developing context of China. Organhaus aims to facilitate the production of cutting edge practice and international cultural exchange through their residency and studio exchange programme as well as its regular programme of exhibitions and events.