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Tim Davies' work creates unlikely associations between found objects and images, often by making subtle interventions of his own, or displacing them to new contexts. Through this simple procedure, he appropriates these elements and creates pieces that are both sculptural and two-dimensional.

As a result, Tim Davies highlights the otherwise unquestioned nature of how we perceive things and how we communicate them. By creating alternative narratives he allows the viewer to imagine new possible functions for everyday objects, creating an alternative to what is commonly understood as real life.

An example is Untitled (John Flaxman), 2008, where he pairs an image of classic sculpture representing Viscount Nelson with a contemporary picture of an athletic lifeguard. Both known for their roles as “saviours”, this association opens up questions about historical and social hierarchies.


Tim Davies was born in 1983. He graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art. Among other exhibitions he has taken part in Home is the place you left, 2008 (Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway), Rundgang, 2007(Städelschule, Frankfurt), I can’t think of anything2006 (Kudlek van Grinten Gallery, Cologne). FormContent also hosted a show, Rubberwood, dedicated to his work in 2007.

At Organhaus, Tim Davies produced a small publication, developed from a series of photographic portraits of local hairdressers, appropriating the styles of drawing technique books used by the Sichuan Art Institute and the magazines found in the hairdressers.

About Organhaus
Organhaus is an independent artist-run organisation in Chongqing. The organisation was established by Yang Shu, an artist and lecturer at the Sichuan Art Academy alongside a group of local artists. Since 2007, Organhaus has been run as a collaborative project between the independent spaces Organ and M-Haus Commune. It is dedicated to the exploration of experimental and multimedia art, to developing a varied exhibition programme to support these explorations, and to providing studio spaces for young artists.