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The Mirrored Hammer Istanbul Special Part 1 by Andyabbott on Mixcloud#

The Mirrored Hammer ‘Istanbul Special’ Pt.1. An audio diary resulting from the first week of Andy Abbott’s residency at PiST/// Research and Production Residency: PIRPIR through Gasworks (London).

Included in the mix:

Mombu Live at Peyote

A conversation with PiST/// (recurs throughout)

Street musicians and city sounds (recurs throughout)

Documentation from Mr Wagner's First Flux Company event 'Music with Egg' at Borusan Music House (recurs throughout)

Audio from the Istanbul Biennial Press Launch (recurs throughout)

Ah! Kosmos live at Peyote

She Passed Away live at Peyote

Excerpt from SHARE sessions at Arkaoda

Mondual live at Peyote

Andy Abbott is a West Yorkshire based artist, writer, and musician. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, on his own and in various collaborations including the DIY art collective Black Dogs. His practice and research is focused on socially-engaged, political and activist art exploring the boundaries of that which we might consider a socially transformative praxis. A critique of capitalism, waged-labour and work permeates his activity. His interests are primarily in Postanarchist, Autonomist Marxist and Situationist theory more details

Abbott was recently awarded his practice-led PhD researching 'Art, Self-organised cultural activity and the Production of Postcapitalist Subjectivity' and is Fellow in Music at Bradford University more details

PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space is a non-profit, independent art space co-directed by artists Didem Ozbek and Osman Bozkurt more details