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Danilo Correale shares with us the trailer for his short film made during his Fellowship at Helena Producciones. Below is an introduction to the film.

- Part one - La Version de las chicharras

Starting from this quote 'Sabido es que a las chicharras les rasca el sol y cantan para olvidarse. Cuando no cantan, duermen un sueño tonto. Cuando cantan en exceso, revientan'  from A. Caicedo cult’s book “ Que Viva La Musica!“ I tried to investigate, through interviews with academics and musicologist , the relationship between the colombian popular culture of Salsa (music and dance) as revolutionary act, and its historical legacy, connecting cultural identity and urban/social transformation into a visual essay.

- Part two - La Version de Ariel

In the second part of the project I tried to narrate a little history of a community radio, Oriente Stereo, recently attacked ( Silenciata ) by a street gang, in order to underline the very meaning of the oral tradition, as essential in the process of constitution of a community able to resist the exploitation through the cultural exchange activated by the speech.