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Between 1 July and 31 August 2016 Lauren Godfreyan artist based in London, went to New York to undertake a residency at Triangle NYC.  Her residency was supported by Arts Council, England.

During her residency at Triangle NYC, Lauren extended an ongoing body of research concerning the bespoke. Having previously spent time working on commissions, Lauren decided to investigate the relationships at play within this context and how such forms of work require a sensitive response to the space or person for whom it is made. 

About Lauren Godfrey 
Lauren Godfrey’s work spans sculpture, performance, film and printmaking. Simultaneously exploring the relationship between the spoken and written word, the tension between imagery and text and employing an approach to making as the formation of a sentence in the mouth - on the tip of the tongue. Godfrey’s sculptures often take the form of domestic scaled objects, quasi-furniture or the almost useful. With a sweeping arm that gathers deco, Memphis and hieroglyphs under one armpit and Seinfeld, Nigella and Matisse under the other; borrowing shapes from Gio Ponti and stealing titles from AA Gill, the brow remains neutral. A fusion of high and low, past and present, crude and tasteful, coming together to graft an inquisitive and propositional space in between.

About Triangle NYC
Triangle NYC is a New York based non-profit arts organisation founded in 1982 to support international and U.S. artists. Triangle’s core initiatives – Residencies, Workshops and Public Programs – are centred on dialogue, experimentation and the creation of community around art.


Lauren Godfrey writes about her experiences during her residency:
The residency was centred around the idea of making bespoke objects and sculptures that the recipients had no idea they may need or want. 

Basically, the mission was to meet people and leave a piece of me behind in this fast changing city in the hope that I can make a mark or a lasting impression. 

One rule was implemented: people were not allowed to request something specific, nor could they approach Lauren to make something. 

Here are some of the bespoke works made during the residency:

Before I even got to New York, the project had begun. I met Valeria Napoleone and Stefania Pramma in the airport in the 2 hour window in which my flight was delayed. Mentioning the project to them, Stefania and I agree to meet in New York when she gets back and following our meeting I set about making something for her. For Stefania I made a beanie baby dispenser for her boystrous dachshund and one eyed cat. 

For my flat mates I made a magnetic leather collage to house their surplus of corkscrews.

For Triangle I made a keychain so that their future residents don't get locked out of the studios when they go to the bathroom! 

I'm sure that I've met more people in the last 2 months than I've met in the last 2 years. Blind dates of sorts, scrabbling for the person who looks expectant. Rekindling old friendships with college mates and meeting their friends. Finding myself sitting in Polish restaurants at a table of five people who I only met ten minutes ago; sitting in strangers house parties chatting like I belong there. Studio visits with precisely selected curators and gallerists from the most interesting non-profit feminist spaces in New York to the most prestigious museums. 

It has been such an adventure of interactions and bravery, leaps of faith and generosity. Everyone has made time to give me space in this city known for its self involved nature - it couldn't be further from it. I feel I could just stay here from now on and fit gently into this world. Likewise, I feel (and hope) that these friendships won't be lost in crossing back over the Atlantic.

Lauren's bespoke project is nomadic in a sense and she will continue to make works in different locations, whether that be London, Chicago, Baltimore or New Haven. Similarly to many of Godfrey's other works, the mouth takes centre stage, however in this instance, the work does not refer to the edible; rather an exchange of voices and a meeting or a conversation become the main ingredients.