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Image  Gallery of 'Before and After' pictures of the Kuona Trust Library.

Work has been completed on the upgrade of The Kuona Trust Art Library which currently houses one of Kenya’s most extensive collections of art literature, including rare archive material. The Library is the only non-University based public arts library in Nairobi and a vital resource.

Project highlights.

  • Development of online access to the library through a digital cataloguing system- widening access to its resources.
  • Purchase of more diverse art books and subscriptions to art publications further broadening this important collection of literature.
  • Purchase of up to date technology including new computers (and internet access) DVD player and digital projectors broadening the resources available to artists and researchers.

The refurbishment has already led to increased membership to and the consolidation of the library as a resource for studio artists, as well as a donation of LP records and music CDs and the creation of a music section in the library.