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Triangle Artists' Workshop is about to celebrate its 30th Anniversary! Artists' who participated in past years have contributed written memories of their experience from their two week stay which we will be sharing in the weeks preceding the residency this September.

'I was at Triangle workshop at it's 10th anniversary 1991. It was wonderful to have the time and space to work, think and share with like-minded people. I was exhausted, filled to the brim and shook up by the whole experience - hard work in sweltering heat, dancing in the barns, dips in the pool, engaging talks and exchanges, great people I'd like to meet again.'

- Sheila Vollmer

'...working in the open space in Dumbo with artists working alongside, with many people walking by, crossing the window, wandering opened a door to a new understaning of what I wanted art practice to be: a drawing installation...between the intimate and public, between 2 and 3 dimensions, between premeditation and improvisation.'

-Maya Attoun

'I am an English artist and I attended the workshop in 1986. Although this was some while ago I have excellent memories of it. At the time I was juggling my painting practice with caring for our three small children. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend two weeks concentrating on my work and meeting and sharing ideas with the other participants. It was stimulating to leave the familiarity and isolation of one's own studio and work in a completely different environment. Everything was done for us even the lunch was brought to the barns where we worked. There was a such an atmosphere of experimentation and positive energy. This left a lasting impression on my painting and method of working.'

- Belinda Ellis

‘I remember dripping paint on Larry Poons

studio from my barn

and crying to go home like a camp kid

Anthony Caro let me cry on his shoulder

It was a hard working fun experience

working away every moment

from morn til eve

drawing at end of day with Clem Greenberg

And Anthony Caro, drawing from the figure

after painting abstract paintings all day

A wonderful unique and intense experience

great lectures from Michael Fried

i felt blessed’

- Francine Tint

‘I arrived with serious jet lag, and every day I would wake up in the hotel at four a.m. and, instead of lying abed, just go to the studio and produce scads of drawings before breakfast. But I think now that it wasn’t jet lag the entire time; actually, I was riding on the intense, inspiring flow of the Triangle Workshop

- John Rasimus

‘All the rules were broken. We are led to believe that the visual artist is a solitary, self-absorbed beast, but my memory of the Triangle Workshop (I was at Manhattan, 2000) is of a totally unexpected and sustained fraternity with fellow artists’

– Cuillin Bantock

‘Triangle at Pine Plains/Mashomack was an important moment for my work at a time when I most needed to push forward and loosen ideas. My creativity was enhanced by the joy and laughter I experienced with the artists who ultimately became my lifetime friends. The surrounding energy and generosity of spirit was extraordinary! I didn’t want to leave.’

Beverly Brodsky

‘More than a single memory, I remember the energy. We couldn’t wait to get back into the studios and make more art! We worked hard, partied hard, and shared an intimate energy that allowed us to feel free, creative, and blessed to be a participant.’

Randy Bloom