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Yuri Suzuki's approach to design is one of reinvention and manipulation of existing objects and materials. Suzuki's work often combines his interests in electronic music and design. This is particularly visible in his combination of household products with modern sound technologies. It is such ingenuity which produces results which are both humorous and functional.

The book and DVD, 50 Hands (2008), made in collaboration with Households (George Wu and Sarah Gottlieb), is both a training manual and the raw material for a DIY orchestra of whistle players. Each page of the book can be used to make a whistle whose pitch is pre-determined by the length of the page. The entire book makes up a fifty-piece orchestra. Anyone can join it and learn to perform from the instructions given by a conductor featured on the attached DVD.

Alongside his designs for such recreational and playful pieces, Suzuki has also developed products with a more practical use. These include Child Chiller (2008), a bizarre object which looks more like a bike horn than a baby-care product. The piece picks up familiar ambient 'white noises' such as vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, and funnels them to the child's ear creating a comforting and soothing effect.

Suzuki is taking part in the international Art + Design residency at Khoj which invites practitioners working at the intersection between art, design and media to work collaboratively. The residency seeks to explore how media and design strategies may push artistic practice beyond convention.


Yuri Suzuki was born in Tokyo, Japan and lives and works in London. Suzuki completed a MA in Design Products at Royal College of Art, London, UK (2008). Selected group exhibitions include Platform21=Repair, Amsterdam, (2009); Sonar 2009, Barcelona, (2009); DMY Berlin, Berlin, (2009); Futuresonic 2009, Manchester,(2009); Looks Like Music in Design Tide Tokyo, Tokyo, (2008). Suzuki was warded the German design council "Light for the future 2008", Upcoming Designer Winner (2008) and was nominated for  Design of the Future Award 2009, DesignMiami (2009).

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