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Triangle Network TV is a new YouTube channel produced by the Triangle Network, to connect with the work of artists and arts organisations around the world. Our broadcasts and growing events archive profile the amazing breadth and diversity of the organisations, artists and collaborators of the Triangle Network. 

Initially running across 15 episodes and presenting a mixture of live-streamed and pre-recorded events, Triangle Network TV is a place to learn more about individual art practices and creative projects, and to engage with urgent questions that are facing artists and smaller arts organisations today. 

Whilst situating these events within the specific localities of the Triangle Network, the series also touches on common themes and concerns that resonate across multiple contexts: the continuing transformation of practice through digital technologies; working responsively to local conditions and environments; the potential of cross-organisational dialogue and working together to strengthen practice. 



EPISODE 1: Bag Factory, South Africa

EPISODE 2: Helena Producciones, Colombia

EPISODE 3: Insaka Arts, Zambia

EPISODE 4: Greatmore Studios, South Africa

EPISODE 5: Hangar, Portugal

EPISODE 6: Khoj International Artists Association, India

EPISODE 7: Capacete, Brazil

EPISODE 8: Pivo and Bisagra, Peru

EPISODE 9: URRA, Argentina

EPISODE 10: Lugar a Dudas, Colombia, and 32 Degrees East, Uganda

EPISODE 11: The Power & Possibility of Networks, Teesa Bahana & Sally Mizrachi on Arts Collaboratory

EPISODE 12: Presented by Sagrada Mercancía, Chile

EPISODE 13: Triangle Asterides, France, presents a conversation between Ziphozenkosi Dayile and Teesa Bahana

EPISODE 14: Britto Arts Trust, India, presents an in-conversation with Triangle Network researcher Rosie Hermon

EPISODE 15: Vasl Artists Association, Pakistan

EPISODE 16: Triangle Network Forum: Maintenance

EPISODE 17: Triangle Network Forum: Thinking from a Position of Precarity

EPISODE 18: Triangle Network Forum: Leadership and Succession Planning

EPISODE 19: Triangle Network Forum: Operating Under Censorship

EPISODE 10: Triangle Network Forum: Plenary Discussion


Triangle Network TV is supported by Prince Claus Fund.